Police Brutality

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Police officers face challenges in a very difficult occupation. However, when force is used unnecessarily or excessively, they need to be held accountable. At Odelugo & Johnson, LLC, in Hyattsville, Maryland, we stand up for the rights of our clients victimized by policei-prac-policebrutality brutality.

Mistakes can happen and accidental injuries can occur during an arrest. Police officers are there to serve the public and must respect the rights, even of those that they arrest.

Advocating for Those Victimized by Police Brutality

Police brutality can take the form of an assailant being unnecessarily shot. People pulled over for a minor traffic violation have received a brutal assault. If excessive force caused you severe injury, we will aggressively advocate for you in holding the police department and city responsible.

Investigating Your Police Brutality Case

At Odelugo & Johnson, LLC, we take a detail-oriented approach in police brutality cases. A vital component in establishing your case is the need for witnesses. Your account and the police officer’s account will differ, so we need an objective party to provide us specific information on what they observed.

We are required to provide notice of a claim to a police department, city or any government entity within six months of the incident. With our knowledge of the law and procedure, we can better represent our clients and strive for a successful outcome. Once we notify the relevant entity, we get to work establishing your case. That includes identifying the severity of your specific injuries, requesting employment records of the offending officer or officers, and securing the testimony of witnesses.

Your Rights Under the Law

Even if you were arrested during the commission of a crime, the police do not have free rein in their actions. You still have rights and their job is to continue to protect them, no matter how they may feel about your alleged crime.

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