More evidence that brain trauma may cause Alzheimer’s disease

When someone is involved in any kind of accident, it can take days and even weeks for the physical effects of some injuries to manifest. That’s why it is recommended that personal injury victims always seek medical attention following an incident. What happens, however, when the full effects of a brain injury are not fully identified until years after the injury occurs? That is a question thousands of personal injury victims and their families may be asking now that there is more evidence pointing to the link between brain trauma and conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

A recent research study conducted by the Mayo Clinic involved almost 600 subjects divided into two groups: the first group was comprised of 141 individuals identified as having minor difficulties with memory and cognitive skills. The second group of 448 subjects did not report having any cognitive issues. As part of the study, both groups were expected to note if they ever sustained a head injury that caused memory loss or unconsciousness.

After evaluating the results of the study, researchers found that subjects in the group with cognitive deficiencies that also claimed to have sustained brain injuries at some point in their lives showed higher rates of protein deposits on their brains. The amyloid plaque buildups found are commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease and were identified on brain scans. The group of subjects with healthy cognitive function reportedly did not show increased rates of amyloid plaques.

Given that more evidence than ever supports the notion that serious medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease may be linked to traumatic brain injuries sustained earlier in life, there is more reason than ever to take such factors into consideration when pursuing a personal injury case.

Source: Voice of America, “Head Trauma Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease Plaques,” Jessica Berman, Dec. 27, 2013

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