How to Survive a Divorce

Interviewer: All right. What have you seen your most successful clients do to get through a divorce in one piece, to move on, and to have a new life without getting destroyed by it?

Anitha Johnson: I will say the clients that fare better in divorce are clients that can come through with their own agreements between the two of them or with the help of attorneys, without fighting back and forth, and spending and using up their money paying attorney fees. I’d say clients who are organized and can document incidents and know the party’s finances and know the details about their self fare better.

Interviewer: Okay, any other things that you do to get through to a divorce in one piece?

Anitha Johnson:  Hire a lawyer.

Interviewer: Okay. That was funny. And then with regards to working with you, you mentioned that you deal with a lot of men right? What sets you apart from other family law attorneys that makes you a good choice for someone to counsel with you?

Anitha Johnson: I will say that I’m very passionate about any case that I’m working with, that I’m definitely aggressive and sure that all my client’s concerns are adequately addressed in the court, and I just present it in the best way as far as witnesses are supported.

Interviewer: Okay. Fair enough. So is there anything you want to add or do you want to get the recording paused?

Anitha Johnson: No. That’s it.

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