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The State of Maryland and the District of Columbia have different laws and statutes related to divorce and legal separation. At Odelugo & Johnson, LLC, in Hyattsville, Maryland, we bring that knowledge of the law in representing state residents and clients who live ini-prac-divorceandseparation Washington, D.C.

Divorce is an emotionally-charged legal matter. You and your spouse need to make critical decision related to the family’s future. We can facilitate that decision-making process and resolve your case through mediation or litigation.

The Differences in Divorce Law

Divorce in Washington, D.C., is an easier process. Essentially, the district is a “no-fault state,” where divorce can occur after six months of a legal separation. Clients in Maryland face more complexity in lengthier divorce matters. Voluntary separation of one year or mutual separation (also known as limited divorce) of two years is required before a divorce. Instances of adultery, cruelty, abandonment, desertion, constructive desertion, mental illness or incarceration may warrant departure from the requirement.

Helping Clients Resolve Divorce Matters

At Odelugo & Johnson, LLC, we have experience with and knowledge of complex areas of the law. We assist clients in the mediation process, particularly when it comes to child custody matters. We also facilitate discussions to determine child support amounts, alimony payments and the division of property in divorce. Whether the setting is the mediation table or the courtroom, we will aggressive advocate for what you are entitled to by law and your rights overall.

Our office is within walking distance from the metro. You may take the Green Line to Prince George’s Plaza. We are near Prince George’s Plaza Mall in the new development of University Town Center. We are accessible from the Beltway and Interstates 495 and 95 near Montgomery County and Washington, D.C. and free parking is available.

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