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At Odelugo & Johnson, LLC, in Hyattsville, Maryland, we assist with the process of determining child support based on what we hope to be accurate financial data. All the while, your children’s best interests remains a top priority.i-prac-childsupport

Child support and child custody are sometimes and sadly interwoven together, making time with your children a matter of how much money you will pay or receive. We encourage our clients to avoid any insincere and ultimately damaging battle.

Child Custody Determining Child Support Amounts

Child custody plays an important role in determining child support when it is not used for leverage in calculating the final amount. A parent awarded sole custody will obviously receive more money. Shared custody will reduce the amount of child support, while joint physical custody provides no opportunity for child support.

The Child Support Calculator

The child support calculator factors in net income of both spouses, with credits for expenses related to health insurance and daycare. Children from another relationship or marriage are also counted in when determining support amounts.

Ensuring Accuracy of Data in Child Support Amounts

At Odelugo & Johnson, LLC, we facilitate the difficult and sometimes emotional elements of determining child support. While the final number is based on calculations, the data entered in must be accurate. Spouses engaged in hiding assets or finances to reduce support amounts can be held accountable if money has been concealed from the other spouse.

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